I am a graphic designer by vocation and an RC maniac by avocation.

Having not been able to find realy cool, different, cutting edge graphics in water slide decals, though I have searched everywhere. So, I decided that I better put my graphic design skills to use.

These collections are all my designs and are Hand Produced in my studio.

Custom Designs can be done from concept to production or if you already have camera-ready artwork, I can work from that.

Water Slide decals are the very finest material for the discriminating modeler.

Infinitely superior to vinyl stickers in color, brilliance and durability.  Not affected by oil and gas, will not pick up dust around the edges, will not peal.  Really, the only disadvantage is that water slide decals are a little more difficult to apply.

Properly applied, water slide decals will literally melt onto the model surface conforming to surface variations and textures.  The edges will actually disappear leaving a smooth continuous finish.

Water slide decals are much more time consuming to produce (especially the way I do it, by hand) because they require a thick acrylic sealer applied over the printing.  The thicker this coat is the easier it will be for the decal to melt onto the surface.  I apply 1 thin and 3 thick coats assuring a perfect and consistent seal.


I can produce hi resolution images.  So you can incorporate photos as well as illustrations.

Please Contact Me for Custom Work

Assassin Air 8.5 x 11 Hand Finished $15.00
Rasta-Man Air 8.5 x 11 Hand Finished $15.00
Customized Nose Art 8.5 x 11 Hand Finished $15.00 plus $10 customization fee
Skull Air 8.5 x 11 Hand Finished $15.00

Unique Roundels and Stars
8.5 x 11 Hand Finished $15.00

Manga Style 8.5 x 11 Hand Finished $15.00

These Examples are Low Res and do not show the details that the actual decals will.

How to Video coming Soon

Model Pics Coming Soon


Shipping is $2.00 total no matter how many you order in Continental USA. Foreign, email me for quote.